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About RasaCare.

RasaCare was set up to provide the choice and solution for families to make adjustments from the comfort of their homes.


We are the preferred Home Care Specialist.


We seize every opportunity to deliver Heartwarming Experiences through our Professional & Quality Services.

Service Mission

We deliver heartwarming experiences.

Love Begins at Home.

We believe in inspiring and motivating people to learn the proper knowledge and skills to make a difference in caring for their loved ones.

RasaCare helps ease families into their Caregiver roles by delivering intelligible and comprehensive Caregiving and Nursing expertise and services to the Community.

RasaCare’s Core Values

Sincerity We hope to deliver the best care to our patients and their families, to the best of our abilities.
Empowerment We believe in empowering people within the office and beyond, such as caregivers and families, to enable them to make a difference in the caring of their loved ones at home.
Adaptability We constantly adapt to the changes in the environment as we aim to provide our patients and their families the best service possible.
Teamwork We desire to work cohesively with the caregivers and family of our patients to bring the best care to them.
Reliability We aim to be knowledgeable, contactable and informative so that our patients and their families know that they can reach us when they need us.

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6100 3600


RasaCare Pte Ltd
16 Kallang Place #06-10
Singapore 339156

Office Operating Hours:
Monday-Friday, 9am- 5pm

Tel: 6100 3600
Fax: 6294 7060
Email: contact@RasaCare.sg