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Mobility Buggy

 Mobility Buggy (Red) 

Mobility Buggy (Rental)

Minimum 3 Months Subscription

2 colours available: Red and Blue

Special Features:

  • In-built distress button
  • GPS enabled – able to track your loved one via an application on your phone
  • Auto-braking safety feature
  • Insurance covered
  • Maintenance coverage
  • To door coverage
  • Easy to store
Specifications for Mobility Buggy
  • Overall length: 1010mm
  • Overall width: 520mm
  • Overall height: 890mm
  • Weight (without batteries): 33kg
  • Weight (with batteries): 42kg
  • Speed range: 2km/h to 8km/h
  • Max distance (per charge): 18km
  • Batteries: Lead-acid
  • Max. user weight: 120kg


Nursing/ Hospital Beds

An essential furniture for the long-term healthcare of bed-ridden patients or with those with limited mobility

3 Crank Electric Hospital Bed

3 Crank Electric Hospital Bed (Rental)

Specifications for 3 Crank Electric Hospital Bed
  • Normal mattress 3.4″ – 4”
  • Dimensions (Length x Width): 210 cm x 94 cm
  • Back raising: 0 – 80 degrees
  • Knee raising: 0 – 40 degrees
  • Adjustable height: 45 – 65 cm


For the treatment and prevention of pressure sore stage in short-term and domiciliary therapies.

Pressure Relief Mattress

Pressure Relief Mattress (2.8″) (Rental)

Air Mattress (YH Med), 2.8″ Bubble Pad Mattress

The PVC mattress consists of 130 high bubble cells (7cm) which ensures comfort, particularly with it being fixed to the bed by extra flaps on both the top and bottom side. The comfort range can be adjusted too.


Easy to Install, maintain and use. Quiet and long lasting compressor.

Specifications for Pressure Relief Mattress (2.8″)
  • Dimensions without flaps (Length x Width x Height): 200 x 90 x 7 cm
  • Flaps (Length): 50 cm (Head) + 50 cm (Foot)
  • Material thickness: 0.35 mm
  • Weight support: 135 kg
  • Pressure range: 40-100 mmHg
  • Air output: 7-8 L/min
4.5 inch Pressure Relief Mattress

Pressure Relief Mattress (4.5″) (Rental)

Air Mattress (YH Med), 4.5″ Cell Pad Mattress Alternating Pressure Mattress

Waterproof. Easy Cleaning. Quieter. Better Sleep.


Made up of 18 pieces of 11 cm / 4.5″ cells, divided into 3 groups (6 cells each) in the Alternating System hence a better share of weight between each groups. (vs 2 groups, 9 cells each)

Specifications for Pressure Relief Mattress (4.5″)
  • Dimensions (Length x Width x Height): 27 x 13 × 10.5 cm
  • Inflation Size (Length x Width x Height): 200 x 90 x 11 cm
  • Max Weight Support: 145 kg
  • Ultra-quiet pump and design
  • Air Permeability
  • Hanger design is suitable to hang on all kinds of nursing bed

Oxygen Concentrators

Transforming ambient air into concentrated oxygen. FDA & CE approved medical grade. It runs on electricity and is able to operate 24 hrs continuously. Suitable for home use. No refill required.

Canta Oxygen Concentrator

Canta Oxygen Concentrator (5, 10 or 15 litres) (Rental)

Specifications for Canta Oxygen Concentrator
  • Dimensions (Length x Width x Height): 15.5″ x 15.6″ x 27.8″
  • Quiet: Less than 48 Dba
  • Lightweight: 30 Kg
  • Slender & Sleek Cabinet Design with Integrated Handles
  • Quick Snap Side Panel Allows Easy Access to Filter
  • Reinforced Base Substructure and Recessed Casters to Guard Against Breakage

Aerti Oxygen Concentrator

Aerti Oxygen Concentrator (5,10 or 15 litres) (Rental)

Specifications for Aerti Oxygen Concentrator
  • HSA Approved for Medical Use
  • Dimension (Length x Width x Height): 37.2 cm x 34 cm x 61.2 cm
  • Sound Level: 50 dBA
  • Weight: 24 kg
  • Power: 610 W
  • Rated Flow: 5, 8 litres per minute
  • Power Failure Alarm, Over-Heating Alarm, Maintenance Prompt

Portable Oxygen Cylinders

M Size Cylinder 1600L 15kg D Size Portable Cylinder 416L 3.5kg

Portable Oxygen Cylinder: 2 Sizes Available (Rental)

D Size Portable Cylinder 416 Litres (Weight: 3.5 kg)

M Size Cylinder 1600 Litres (Weight: 15 kg)

Made in the USA. Suitable for outside use for short hours. On average of 2 L flowrate, able to last about 2 hours. Refill required once depleted (additional charges apply)

Complete set comes with carrier bag, oxygen regulator and nasal cannula (Oxygen fully filled)

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